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What we have here is a HUGE update on the status and breadth of the delayed but upcoming "Star Marine" FPS module. It's such a huge update that there's no reasonable way for me to post it all here in a digestible way. There is information, pictures and even videos to enjoy. So with that said, head on over and read the post yourself. Pack a lunch though, it'll take awhile to get through.
https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm ... FPS-Update

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View the latest post Hyper Vanguard Force

Seriously, go check this thing out. It is really damn cool.
https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm ... uard-Force
Greetings, citizens!

In the wake of this week’s release of Arena Commander, we thought we’d give you yet another chance to test your fighting skills in an intense retro throwback battle. So head over to the next section, hop aboard your very own Vanguard and try and beat Chris Roberts’ score!

This amazing minigame was developed by Montreal-based game creators Dave Richard and Christine Marsh who designed all the assets themselves based on official Star Citizen concept art. It was then integrated into the website by our folks at Turbulent.

Now go and take back what’s yours!

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View the latest post Alpha 1.1.2 is Live

They added a tutorial to Arena Commander featuring the first walking and talking NPC. Go get you some learnin', you're gonna need it.

What the tutorial covers

The tutorial is comprised of 6 sections which teach the following principles:


    First-person controls (movement, sprint, interaction)
    Free look
    Take-off procedures

Basic Maneuvers

    Target friendly
    Match speed

Basic Combat

    Target nearest enemy
    Intelligent Target Tracking System
    Missile lock and fire
    Rear view camera
    Decoupled mode


    Landing mode and procedure
    Interacting with the ship systems (Overview, Weapons, Power, Shields panes)

Advanced Maneuvers

    Space brake
    Performing Sharp Turns

Advanced Combat

    Target Cycling

Your feedback from the releases on the PTU have already been incredibly useful and anyone who played the first release will definitely see a vast improvement in clarity and stability so thank you to anyone who contributed in making [...]

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